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Experiences: Part 21

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Experiences: Part 21

It has been nearly 3 years since last posting to my blog and re-reading my older posts, what a long an interesting journey it has been. I want to add that I am not one of those bloggers who posts everyday on what is going on in their lives. My previous posts, all from 2010 were done in an attempt to illustrate my experiences from the womb to the present and now that other experiences have occurred since then, it’s time to catch up. Having left off in 2010, I will now start from 2011 to the present. If you check my blog and do not see Part 22, then either nothing out of the ordinary has happened, or I simply have not updated it. Having said that, I will try not to let 3 years pass again in the interim, *smile*. So first, let me set the stage of events and what was happening in my life, that led to my newer experiences. I will try not to bore anyone by this, so I will keep things brief so I can get to these newer experiences I speak of. I do want to add that by sharing this with you, I never want to illicit sympathy in any way shape or form, as I view them as a gift rather then something negative.

Ok, so in my last post, I was living in Colorado. For the past 2 year now, I have been living in the state of Washington. What brought me 2,000 miles from Colorado you may ask. Simply put, love. Again, to be brief and out of respect for the woman that eventually made me decide to move here, this will be a short explanation. I met someone on a social networking site called, We began talking there and eventually moved to facebook. We fell in love and I decided to move to Washington to be with her. She flew out to Colorado and we rented a van to drive back to Washington with my belongings. After moving, I moved in with her and her mom. Things were wonderful, however for this reason or that, the relationship ended. I was rather distraught about this but found a roommate on craigslist and moved in with him rather quickly. She eventually moved to California where she was originally from with her mother and I found myself here, not knowing anyone, the area, or have any family here. It was while living with him, that I had my first new experience with the ET’s. I will add that here and then continue.

One evening shortly before bedtime, I was laying on my bed watching television. I grew tired and eventually was asleep. I woke up out of my slumber and instinctively knew something was odd. The TV was still on, I was still in bed, yet I felt a presence just to the left of me. As I turned my head to see who might be there, WHAM, a jolt went through my body I had never felt before. The entity to my left I sensed was female although I could not move my head to see her. I was not paralyzed and to note, this was not sleep paralysis. She was not of the grays, she was from my star family. A different race of beings more human in appearance as I would eventually see. I felt her touch the nape of my neck and thus began an experience I will not forget. My body began vibrating at an incredible rate. I could feel it actually through my entire body into my skeletal core. It felt almost violent as my body began to jerk uncontrollably at times. I was then told that this was being done to raise my vibration. It should be understood by the reader that I was at a very low point in my life when this occurred. I was being prepared for what lay ahead me. I was then on their ship. This is when I saw them and the closest I can come to explaning their appearance was of that of the elves in the lord of the rings movies. They were very beautiful beings, flowing, angelic, almost human looking but not quite. Their ship was quite beautiful. Unlike the damp and dirty ships of the grays. I could see many console with controls and many crystals which they somehow incorporate with their technology. There was one male and the female that was in my room. At this point I cannot recall all that was said but I do recall them telling me, they had to intervene on my account, which they rarely do. Other things were said and if I recall them, I will put that information into another blog entry. I found myself again in bed, the female being just out of site to my left and the violent vibrating continued. It went on for hours. It was at this point that I began seeing light body entities walking through my room seemingly unaware of me. A few took notice but they were just going about their business in this dimension, as they are going around you now as you read this. I was shown some ridiculous way to move my arms and hands to be able to induce this altered state of consciousness, this dimension of our higherselves unseen to us in normal waking consciousness. I get somewhat emotional recalling it, as I wanted to be in this reality with the light beings, to be home again but it gives me comfort knowing they are all around me now, going about their business. The vibrating continued for hours until I finally went unconscious. I awoke the next day felling worn out but again, comforted. That was the end of my first recalled experience with my star family.

A few months had passed and not to get into details, one day I found he had left with all of my belongings. It was at this point, that I found myself homeless for the first time in my life. I had no money, no wallet, save a few articles of clothing. Life on the street was hard. It was just going into winter here and while this particular part of Washington gets very little snow, the temperature plummeted. I found myself walking in a daze. So much walking with no point of reference. I slept where I could. Behind dumpsters, under trees, where ever I could in an attempt to not be seen or bothered. The nights were a cold I cannot even describe to you. I remember the roaring wind and blowing rain. The freezing wind would go right through me. A very few kind souls helped me. A blanket, some food, etc. Most jeered, laughed, or looked at me in disgust and the police constantly harassed me. I remember think of the Buddha and the Christ and how they had forsaken all material wealth for a life like this. No attachments to possessions when you have none. No attachments to this life. While I did pray at times, I remembered the Buddha’s teaching, “Noone saves us but ourselves, we ourselves must walk the path”. I would talk to my Mom and even have conversations with my ex fiance to keep from going mad. I must take a break now as I am getting very emotional. Ok, let’s continue. I eventually was led to a homeless shelter. I arrived at midnight and it was cold and raining. I rang the buzzer on the door expecting at long last to have a bed and a warm meal. This however, was not how things worked there. A man came out and asked what I needed. I said I wanted a bed. He said you’ll have to come back tomorrow and call a certain number to ask for shelter there. At this point I had reached my breaking point and began to sob. Where will I sleep I said. He shrugged, I can give you a blanket he said. And so sobbing, wet and cold I took the blanket and looked around for where I could sleep. It was hard enough finding the shelter in my disoriented state and I did not want to lose site of the shelter. Just down the block I found a crevice behind an industrial factory covered by brush. I slept there in the mud for 2 nights before getting in to the shelter. My feet were so frost bitten at that point I could barely walk. Indeed another man there had lost his toes and I feared my fate would be the same as his. I was lucky however and finally had my first hot meal which I relished. I felt a gratitude for it, I cannot convey in words. I would like to tell you about shelter life but I must sum things up or this will go on forever and I have already been writing for hours. I stayed at the shelter for 10 months. I had worked my way up to a staff position, actually finding I had the same job as the man that came to the door when I had first arrived. Eventually I was able to start rebuilding my life. Getting my license, social security card, etc back made me feel human again, I actually had an identity now. I worked my ass off until eventually I was able to afford a studio flat and leave the shelter, which is where I have been since then. The experience was a gift. YES, a GIFT!!! When we pray we must be careful for what we ask for because as I have learned, the universe in all it’s love and wisdom, will give us exactly what we NEED to GROW. I was humble before my experience but I am even more humble now. I have very little but I don’t need much now. Always, always, grateful for what I do have. And so now that I have covered these two past years, I would like to add as briefly as possible a few things have recalled from my past.

So if you have read my earlier blogs, you know of my paranormal experiences. To go back to when my sister saw the 3 beings at the foot of her bed, I remembered being told they were there to heal her. Indeed she was already better the next day. As for myself and being healed, I recalled a period when I was 21 years old. I kept getting strep throat. I would get it, be put on antibiotics, get better, then 2 weeks would pass and I would have it again. You see I was quite depressed then. I had been suffering from severe panic attacks since I was a child. At the time, it was not diagnosed as such and so I underwent so many tests I cannot tell you. Now I don’t recall the specifics but it was the ET’s that eventually healed me and I have never had strep throat since. One last note before I finally put this entry to posterity. It would seem my experiences run in the family on my mom’s side. I remember her telling me how her and her aunt, levitated a table. Also, she had an experience with a Ouija board that left her so disturbed she said she through it in the fire. These are only but a few experiences I’m  sure she had.

I felt this pic represented my “GIFT” of growing in humility, love and compassion these past 2 years.