Experiences: Part 20

Experiences: Part 20

Time travel, the ability to go back into the past, or forward into the future. Science-fiction is transfixed on this very subject. “The Time Machine” book and later movie, expressed the desire in all of us, to be able to do just this. How wonderful it would be to be able to go back in time, and undo the mistakes of ones past or go ahead in the future, to see how events and decisions  we have made, turned out. Is it really possible though? Can it be done? As with many aspects of these seemingly impossible acts, perhaps we are asking the wrong questions. Science explores the possibility of time travel. Yet, they think in such psychical terms. As if to send ones “body” back in time or into the future. Science does not recognize consciousness, and therefore misses a great opportunity for serious study, into time travel. The experience I’m about to relate, could only happen that way. Once consciousness is recognized as not bound by the body, which I hope science eventually understands, it opens the doors to things otherwise, only imagined. Now this happened awhile back and it occurred to me that I never blogged about it. It was such a very profound experience, even though short in nature, I just had to relate it.

I went to sleep in an ordinary fashion, after evening meditation. I was actually meditating on the possibilities of the unbound consciousness, and what might be possible. Time travel came into my mind, and I believe my meditation on this, triggered something in my subconscious later, while I was asleep. So, I had a dream. This was no ordinary dream, it was an extremely “lucid” dream. Meaning of course that I became fully conscious in the dream state. I realized suddenly, that this was actually in fact, NOT a dream. I was out of my body in the etheric plane. As this realization sank in, my previous meditation on time travel, also sank in. Unfettered by the hindrance of my psychical body, I decided to go back into the past and meet my younger self. Almost immediately, I found myself in what looked like a park. I noticed the people around me, were wearing clothing from the early, 1970’s. As I looked around me, there all of a sudden was me, at age 5, standing there. I remember seeing the shirt I was wearing. It was my absolute favorite shirt, with blue and dark blue stripes and a mock turtle neck. In fact, I later found an old picture of me, wearing this shirt and being in that exact same park, at the age of 5. Now, it got really weird. My younger self stared directly at me and spoke. It was not the vernacular of a child at that age. Instead, it was more like that of an adult, and full of wisdom. He said, “The decisions you are making now, are determining my future. Please be conscious of them, because I do not want to suffer as a result of the choices you make”. There the experience with my younger self ends. I remember then, falling from a great height, back into my body. It was quite a jolt, and then I was fully awake. There was no doubt about what had occurred. I had projected my consciousness back in time, and met myself at the age of 5. It would seem both myself and my younger self, were in a state outside of normal waking consciousness, and outside of linear time, when this occurred. Hence my younger self, was not using language typically associated with a 5 year old. The experience left me cognizant of the fact, that I had to be more conscious of the decisions I was making now, because as my younger self stated, this would affect his spiritual and mental growth. So, now I know time travel is possible. Not through a time machine as science-fiction would dictate, but through the wonder of my true-self consciousness!!!

This pic represents to me, my time travel experience:


2 Responses to “Experiences: Part 20”

  1. EJ ~ What an incredible experience! I had a dream time-travel experience as well, back in the late 80’s. I found myself in the area of our country around Ohio. I was with a group of Atlantans who had chosen to come to this land to begin our new life. I recall that we wore buckskin clothing but also black bear skins around our shoulders to keep out the damp cold. It was a pretty lengthy dream, however when I woke up, I was extremely disoriented ~ couldn’t remember where I was or even who I was. I finally did regain my “senses” in about a minute or so and later wrote a story about my dream. I’ve never had that type of dream before or since. Weird, huh?

  2. Hello, I stumbled upon your website and it’s been a pretty fascinating read throughout. I have had some outer body experiences, but I can only induce when in the “phase” between sleeping and waking up. It is then that I am able to separate from my sleeping body.

    I have entered astral planes (a few times blind, unfortunately, this is something I am working on), I have walked around my house in spirit form while my body slept, and most recently, I have remote viewed. Remote viewing was completely unexpected and before I saw the interstellar images, a blue orb presented itself to me, which I had to “will” open, subsequently then turning into a screen that allowed to me see images of foreign planets, spaceships and then, to my astonishment, a reptilian extraterrestrial with a black visor/helmet, looking straight at me. It was a species I have never imagined before (I’m used to the idea of greys), and it was clear that it was sitting at its space station, within its spaceship. I think that it picked up on my energy and decided to “hone in” and see what was giving off a life pulse in the middle of space, and my initial shock quickly turned into fear, and I ended the interaction and found myself back in my bed.

    Anyway, sorry for the long winded response, but my question to you is, what are some meditation techniques that work for you that help induce OBE? Again, I can only achieve this when in the “phase”, but I’d love to be able to achieve this through meditation. I’d love any tips you can give me.

    Thank you.

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