Experiences: Part 19

Experiences: Part 19

Interspecies communication, animal communication, or telepathy with animals. If we can succeed with telepathy through each other, why not with animals? Psychic’s who specialize in animal communication/telepathy, are referred to as, animal communicators. I can’t help but think of the movie, “Dr. Doolittle”, where he can hear and speak directly to all animals. One wonders if it were possible, how wonderful that would be. So, is it truly possible? The answer is a resounding, YES. I wrote in a previous blog entry, about my successful experiment with a friend who lives at least a thousand miles away, using telepathy. I had heard of these so-called animal communicators before. So, emboldened by the success of my previous telepathy experience with a human, I decided to give it a try. Iwas outside one day here recently. I saw the neighbor’s cat, sitting in the second story window, as it always does, looking out. Now animals obviously don’t speak english, or any other language for that matter. So I had heard that these animal communicators, use images or pictures, to communicate with an animal. It is also possible to pick up on the animals emotions and feelings, etc. Some animal communicators can even use actual language, and somehow have it converted into a way the animal can understand. So, armed with the knowledge, I began sending pictures to the cat, to look at me, while also saying in my mind, here kitty, kitty. No more than two seconds of doing this, the cat turned and stared directly at me. Now some may say this could be mere coincidence. However, the cat actually had to twist his neck almost backwards to look at me, because of the relation to where myself and the cat actually were. There was no mistaking it, the cat had turned in a very comfortable way, to see me. I then thought, I wonder if this technique might work on insects, as well. I saw a spider crawling along in front of me. This time, I started sending pictures to the spider, to turn and head in a different direction. Immediately the spider turned and started heading in the direction I had shown him. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I did it again. Sending him in the opposite direction, to which the spider again, complied. So, it would appear that these simple techniques, work quite well. I am going to try in the future, to see if I cannot make more of a connection with a particular animal. As an empath, I should have no problems picking up on the animals, emotions and feelings. Perhaps, I might even be able to help some animals who are sick or hurt, but can’t tell their owners this. I will be sure to update this entry with any successes I will have!!!

This pic represents to me, my experience with animal telepathy:


One Response to “Experiences: Part 19”

  1. Peggy Bower Says:

    I can understand animals all the time. I love them dearly.

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