Experiences: Part 18

Experiences: Part 18

Telekinesis, mind over matter, the ability to move objects with the power of the mind alone. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But is it all, feasible? Can it be tested in a controlled experiment? Perhaps, we are asking the wrong questions in this regard. Let me explain, by telling you of an experience I had with what was seemingly telekinesis.

To begin with, I have tried telekinesis many times before, as I’m sure everyone has. Only to be dismayed by my inability to move the object I was trying to move with my mind. Now however, I see that I was going about it, completely the wrong way. This is my experience, and what I discovered on how one can get telekinesis, to work.

This morning, I had to go out to the garage to dump some trash into the garbage can, which is kept there. I sat down for a moment, on the three steps that lead from the doorway of the house, into the garage. I was just more or less taking a breather from my morning clean-up duties. I started thinking about my recent psychic experiences, and the success I have been having with them. My mind started to ponder, telekinesis. To be honest, I have never considered it a viable psychic ability, more like wishful thinking. It was at that moment, I had a thought enter my mind, that was seemingly not my own. Like a whisper, in my right ear that said, “why don’t you try it”. Without really thinking about it, and without focusing on any particular object to move, I decided to go into a relaxed state of meditation. Completely connecting to my true-self consciousness, I felt that I was no longer constrained by linear time. Right at that moment, a twisted wire, about three inches long, that was on a table right next to the garage stairs, moved approximately two inches and very quickly. Now bear in mind, that the garage door was closed, the twisted wire was not influenced by anything like wind, a draft, etc. It startled me, and quite frankly freaked me out a little. Did I see what I think I just saw? No mistaking it, it MOVED two inches as if by magic. It was then that I realized, how exactly I was able to get this object to move. The message that seemed to me a whisper in my right ear, telling me to try it, was in fact my spirit guide. The combination of the meditative consciousness state, and with the help of my spirit guides intervention,  it made the object move. I should say, that it was not my MIND power doing it at all. My conscious state, interacted with my spirit guide, causing my intention of moving an object, to manifest through my spirit guide. So, in essence my spirit guide moved the object, but at the request of my consciousness, which was in the proper state at exactly the proper time. Now I know the “truth” behind real telekinesis. When one is connected to everything around oneself, amazing things can happen!!!

I thought this pic represented my successful attempt at telekinesis:


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