Experiences: Part 17

Experiences: Part 17

Reincarnation, past lives, and present incarnations. All of us at one point or another, wonder if we either have had past lives, or KNOW we have but can’t seem to make that connection back in time, back to our former selves. As I have grown spiritually and psychically, some of these details of my own past incarnations, seem to be coming to light. For instance as of late, I have remembered two such incarnations. One as a man living in India, the other as a little boy in Great Britain. The details of these lives have eluded me however. I only seem to have brief remembrances of these past existences. It seems that most of my life, I have had the feeling that in my most recent past incarnation, I was female. I am not gay, nor feminine in any way. Just the feeling has always been there. Any remembrance of my previous incarnation, has thus eluded me so far. Last night though, I did have a dream. This wasn’t an ordinary dream, call it a lucid + dream. In this dream, I remember being female. This however, was not my most recent incarnation, at least it didn’t feel that way to me. I could see myself wearing native American clothing. My appearance though, wasn’t completely native American however. I was at the shore of a river with another woman, who did look totally native American. At this point a wealth of knowledge concerning this particular life time, came into my consciousness. Apparently, The reason I didn’t look like the other woman with me, was because my mother was native American but my father was white. He was some kind of trader, furs etc. I had the feeling, I lived in North America, but more to the northern tip of Canada. This was an extremely HARD life. We relied heavily on the bounty the sea would provide for us. I was basically of no consequence to anyone in this life time, with the exception of my partial Caucasian appearance, no one paid me any attention. In fact, I felt almost shunned by the others in the tribe. That’s where the dream ended. I wish I knew more about my life in that incarnation. At least I feel blessed to remember as much as I did. I can only hope, more memories of these past incarnations will surface. Perhaps with more detail, that I can verify somewhat scientifically. I will be sure to blog about any such future past life remembrances.

I thought this pic represented my past life remembrance:


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