Experiences: Part 15

Experiences: Part 15

I received a phone call late last night, from my friend who is on staff at the University of Colorado. He is the one that was to conduct lab tests on the strange burn marks that I found on the throw rug next to my bed, following an encounter with the “grays” not long ago. He and his colleague, picked up the rug, the day after my encounter. He sounded almost frantic, and was extremely apologetic. He told me that the rug, has now mysteriously vanished. He initially told me that the tests might take awhile, as he was going to do them on his own time. He had to be careful doing the tests in the university labs, on their clock. Obviously he didn’t want to lose his job. He explained that he and his colleague had placed the rug, in a locked storage area, in a plastic bin. They then more or less, hid the storage bin as best as they could, so it would not be discovered. He said, on occasion he had checked to make sure it was still there, and hadn’t been disturbed. All was well until yesterday. On his usual check, the rug was now gone. He then attempted to track down his colleague to see if he had moved it etc. By the time he did track him down, his colleague told him he had not done so. My friend then started asking around to different staff members, in a nonchalant manner, if anyone had been in the storage area recently, or more specifically, if anything had been moved. He came up empty handed, until by chance he ran into a female staff member. She asked him, if he had made contact with the “two men” that were looking for him. Perplexed, he pressed her for more details. She explained, that she had walked past his office earlier in the day, and that two men seemed to be coming from his office. She asked them, “Can I help you?”, they then asked her where my friend might be found. She told them, that he was currently out of his office. They just said thank you, and quickly left. Now here’s where it gets STRANGE. My friend asked her, what these men looked like. She said, they were both very tall, Caucasian, and dressed in black suits. They also had military style haircuts. What really struck her as odd, she said, was that one of them was carrying some type of silver portfolio case. My friend told me that the size of this case, would’ve easily held the rug, if it were rolled down flat. So, now the rug has vanished under mysterious circumstances. Could these men have been the notorious, “Men in Black?” I can only go by what he told me, and what he was told by the female staff member. He said, he would try to look into this further, and get back to me. Why am I not surprised that this happened???

This pic represents to me, how these strange men appeared:


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