Experiences: Part 12

Experiences: Part 12

A few nights ago I had a rather odd experience with some type of interdimensional being, that I wanted to blog about. Sometime around 3:00am or shortly thereafter, is when this occurred. For some reason, the majority of my UFO related or Paranormal experiences seem to happen around this time, between 3:00am and 4:00am. Although, I have had both of these phenomenon happen during the day and the vast majority of my Spiritual experiences, also happen during normal daytime waking hours. This is my conscious memory of this particular event. I woke up in bed and noticed some movement to my left. I saw a brown or tan colored entity, slowly walking by. Its body seemed to be almost stretching or leaving some type of blurry trail, behind itself. This is then when it got really weird. I could see it move into some type of slit in empty space. It’s arms first disappearing into this space, followed by the its face and chest, and then its backside and feet. I want to stress the fact that it did not disappear completely. It was as if it were walking through a door in space, and as it did so, each part of its body went through. When it was completely through, it was gone. This is why I knew that this being had the ability to travel interdimensionally. I have seen the grays walk through walls, but never walk through an opening in empty space. It seemed it was leaving from our physical reality into another dimension. If anything happened prior to his departure, I cannot say. I felt strange afterward, but as if nothing happened, I just went back to sleep.

I found this picture online. While the being I saw, seemed a brownish dark tan color, the being in this photo seems to stretch and leave some type of blurred trail behind it, like the one I saw.


3 Responses to “Experiences: Part 12”

  1. Alessandra FADDA Says:

    Hi, I have seen those portals many times, just like you I wake up and see them closing, you can see a sort of image spiraling to a close. What I have come to learn through my higher self is that we wake up right after we come back from an ultra dimensional journey… You probalby have been able to see your ultra dimensional journey companion!!!

  2. Alessandra Says:

    ok… more info on this EJ
    sunday around midnight, I saw a gray watching me in the dark, he was really surprised I could see him , he then was half in and out of that slit you mentioned, like a cut through our image cloth … he pulled me in with him and stuck my head in a small opening which was filled with white dense sticky mist which smelled like rotten friut. it really felt heavy when it filled my lungs, almost but not quite , as if they were being filled with water, I them remember him looking down at me holding a silver pen like laser or knife. I started squirming and found my self back in bed feeling like hell for two hrs. I was boiling hot, nausea, my body ached so much and i felt I was sort of vibrating, not shivering.
    Aweful, I was scared but not terrified.

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