Experiences: Part 11

Experiences: Part 11

I had an interesting experience this morning. I woke up at 5:00am. As I shook off the sleep from the previous night, something happened. Tears began running down my face and I felt an overwelming saddness overcome me. I was confused, as I did not feel sad at all. I then realized, that it was not MY emotions that I was …feeling, but that of my sister, who lives 2000 miles away in Chicago. Now, I have known for quite some time that I am an empath. For instance, I can be walking down the street, pass a person by, and feel their emotions. These however are strangers and I can quickly discern their feelings from my own. This experience was much more intense though, as it was with a loved one. My sister is in her late 40’s and having numerous health problems. She now has to walk with a cane because of her pain. Her husband gives her absolutely no support, and while he is a good father to their children, he is not a good husband to her. I felt her aloneness, isolation, depression, etc. She is one that actually resents anyone making a fuss over her. She balances work, children, and an unsupportive husband. While she can fool others by hiding her emotions, they were overwhelmingly apparent to me. I quickly had to center myself. Separating her emotions from my own. Which was very difficult. I think if I were to pick up everyone’s emotions that strongly, I would loose my mind. I could never tell her of my ability and that I know what she is going through because she would think I’m crazy. So now, I must balance giving her support while not revealing what I know. I am now learning to center myself and to separate my own feelings from others.

I thought this pic represented the empathic connection between my sister and myself:


2 Responses to “Experiences: Part 11”

  1. i find this to be totally amazing, and can relate to it one hundred percent. I found over the years, with people i am close to i have the same experience. People have often thought i was crazy or pulling there leg when i can tell them of there troubles or pain or how they feel, i can feel there sorrow happiness any emotion. I have at times said i hate being me because if someone close is going through something it does effect me because i can feel what they feel and i end up going through what they are going threw. At times they dont understand why it is i am upset, as i cannt possibly know how they feel until i tell them and they are often gobsmaked.

  2. michelle Says:

    I am a healthcare provider, and an empath, clarvoyant and it is extremely difiicult to disern others emotions from your own….and to protect yourself form absorbing their emotions and negative energies when you work with them all day long and to figure out whos feelings they really are, yours or theirs…..people that do not experience these gifts really do think we are crazy for the forsight of preminitions, or the ability to pinpoint the area on the body that is afflicted within minutes of talking with someone most of the time or by just looking at them knowing they are going to have a heart attack or die within a time frame…. ive made that mistake of voicing that to colleagues without any medical facts to back it and it occuring …well needless to say they looked at me like an outcast for know such knowledge when it was not possible to know. So there are times it is best to just do what you can for people and try to help prepare and love and support them for what you know is happing or about to happen. We are blessed with our gifts to help one another and in this ever changing time, we must live through our hearts in the now

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