Experiences: Part 9

Experiences: Part 9

After my last experience encounter, which left me sick for 3 days and confused and lethargic, for another two days, I thought I’d post some new info on it. While I don’t remember much, I do remember that they had me in a sitting posture on my bed. It was at this point that they did something to my head, yet again. I remember sparks flying. Like that of an arc on a welders torch, yet the sparks fell much slower and almost seemed to float down, needless to say, it was no welders torch. What instrument they used to do this, or why they used it, is a mystery to me. I was amazed to find some physical traces of this, after I looked at the rug next to my bed, the next day. I was amazed to see small burn marks from where these sparks fell. I’m thankful, that these give me some validation, as to the reality of this experience!!!

Note: these burn marks on the rug are currently being lab tested, at The University of Colorado. When the final analysis comes in, I will be sure to post the results.

Here is a photo I took of the strange burn marks on my rug, following this encounter:


3 Responses to “Experiences: Part 9”

  1. Wow.They put something in your head.

  2. You seem to be living my life too. Had multiple “encounters”. Psychic abilities increasing. and been a weird life.

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