Experiences: Part 8

Experiences: Part 8

I awoke sometime between 3:00am to 3:30am, out of a deep sleep. It was at this point, that I had what I consider to be a milestone in my experiences with the grays. No beings were in my room and no abduction occurred, although I had the impression that their craft was above my house when this happened. I felt unusually conscious, which was not something one would not expect, coming out of a deep sleep. It was at this point that I felt that they knew, I had been giving them a bad name in some of my posts. It was as if they were saying, “Please stop doing that”. I began to then get impressions from them. Impressions, that they were not trying to be cold and indifferent to me, that’s just how they are. I also got the strong impression, that there was a much bigger picture going on, that I right now, just wasn’t privy to know or to even understand. Now, I have felt deception from them before. My intuition is incredibly attuned and I know when they, or any human even, is lying. This time, I felt no such deception. On the contrary, it was almost a feeling of caring, or at least, as much as they were able to project to me. So, now I’m not really sure what to think of them. I know they are not evil or demonic beings, as some assert. They, over many, many, years. Have lost something in themselves. This would explain why our emotions can baffle them at times. So, while I do not hate them now, I do not love them either. However, I must say, that I concede to them, an effort on their part to FINALLY communicate with me. I think if anything, it is a start!!!

I thought this artwork painted by another abductee, represented how I felt while having this communication experience:


7 Responses to “Experiences: Part 8”

  1. A start at least and not an ending

  2. They told my sister and I that they had not come for us when I saw their craft overhead in 1950. Because we were able to see it, landed, about a half block from our apartment, they came to “deprogram” us — to seal the memory.
    The leader of the trio, very military-like, strode straight past me, the younger, and stared into the eyes of my big sister, but I was allwed to hear the telepathy. He explained that they had “complicated themselves” and were trying “to work out a better relationship” to us. We’d been able to see the ship, he said, “because of the attachements.” Apparently, they were in the area to visit someone across the park from where we lived. “You will not remember this,” he repeated to each of us and the 3 of them left. We barely noticed the missing time — the thing is, I remembered seeing the craft before it landed, like that part of the memory had never been touched. I had vaguer feelings about having experienced something strange, I seemed to recall my sister grabbing my arm and having led me into the apt building, walking backwards!
    At the time I was finally putting all the peices together, I didn’t understand what he’d meant by “the attachments” because I related the phrase to matters of emotional connectedness. It was only in the past decade I’ve read someone using that phrase to describe inplants. Which was Oh Sure! Something I’d remembered for a whole lot longer! They’d shoved one up my right nasal passage and tho the preceding moments had been well — blasted OUT OF MY HEAD, in a figure of speech — the bloody nose and aching sinus cavaty and pressure on temples and high frequecy noises and blood on my comic book and voices in the alley saying “It is the height of human conceit to believe in all this vast universe only Earth would have intelligent life” — PLUS the (apparent) “irrational fear of passing the building where the deed, in fact had been done — well, those were pretty indelible impressions. I REMEMBERED running into the house and locking doors and windows and yelling at mother not to let anyone in, no matter what! She asked if a bad man was chasing us (again, same sister and I) — I told her, No, it wasn’t a man, it was a monster. She guessed a wild dog perhaps. I said, “No. He looks more like The Wolfman” (referring to Lon Chaney in make-up for the original WM film, around 1945.) Even as I said that in answer to her question, I couldn’t imagine what I was talking about. I didn’t remember seeing a monster. Much less one that resembled a fairly current movie monster. I just knew I was answering her question.

  3. Alessandra FADDA Says:

    I managed to make them stop!

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