Experiences: Part 7

Experiences: Part 7

This experience happened, March 24th, 2010.Sometime around 3:30am they came, my old friends, the grays. I cannot tell how they entered my room, I didn’t hear the door open, so I am inclined to think they came directly through the wall, as they usually do. I felt spindly fingers touching my face. They were cool, rubbery, and smelt almost like mushrooms. I was completely unable to move. At one point one being seemed to caress my cheek. I wondered if this was it’s attempt to help keep me calm. I felt if I could move, I would rip off its arm. It’s really no wonder, why they keep us immobilized. If we were to fight, in hand to hand combat, they wouldn’t have a chance with their extremely frail bodies. I felt in this moment, how a tranquilized, tagged, wild animal feels.

This pic is closely resembles how I remember them looking:


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