Experiences: Part 6

Experiences: Part 6

This experience happened March 2nd, 2010. I had a visit from the little squat blue guys, mentioned also by Whitley Strieber in “Communion”. This was my 1st experience with them. They put some type of rod or wand to my head. I remember them smelling like a burnt match. I was told, that this was to increase my vibrations.
These beings seemed almost jovial, compared to the cold, calculated nature, of the other grays. Also, while being quite strange looking, my fear seemed lessened somewhat, which was a welcome change from what I’m use to. They finished and left. That was the extent of my conscious recollection, of this particular, experience.

The photo below is from The movie “Communion” based on Whitley Striebers book of the same name. They did quite a good job in the movie representing these beings, as this is what I too remember them looking like:


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