Experiences: Part 5

Experiences: Part 5

Since I last blogged about my experiences I have noticed a decrease in contact with the entities known as the gray’s. I want to believe that this is an effort on their part to help reduce my fear of them. I have no fully conscious recollection of contact with them now for some time. What I mean by this is that I have had no lucid physical contact with them. ( i.e. seeing them in my room, being touched by them etc.) I do believe that they have visited me on occasion however, but the memories of these encounters are vague and non-linear. For instance I can remember brief instances of seeing them out of the corner of my eyes. ( Peripheral vision.) It’s interesting because I am now reading Whitley Strieber’s book “The Gray’s”. In the book, a captured alien known as “Adam” has the ability to match the frames per second that the human eye can see and thus by increasing his vibrations, have the power to render himself almost invisible to the human observer. This seems to be the case in my observations, or at least something very close to that scenario. As I stated earlier, I want to believe that my decrease in contact recently is an effort on their part to help me reduce my fear of them, but this might be just wishful thinking on my part. More than likely, I am of no use to their agenda at the moment. My contact as of the past few months seems to be of sighting their craft, as if they are just letting me know that they are still around, but not interacting with me entity to entity. My latest experience was just this past night. I have been having trouble sleeping through the night for the past couple of weeks and frequently awaken in the middle of the night. Last night was no exception. I awoke at 3:45am and as I usually do, I get up and move around a bit before getting back in bed and trying to get back to sleep. I decided to go outside. I live in a semi-remote area of Colorado. Through my front door lies a bluff filled with huge boulders, brush, and caves. Coyotes, Fox, Deer, Snakes and other wildlife dwell there. I’ve often thought how easy it would be for the gray’s to come and go unnoticed back there if they so wished. I have hiked for a ways out there during the day and felt somewhat creepy. Forget about going out there at night. The stars are highly visible out here as there are no city lights to obstruct view of them. I noticed what I first thought was a bright star. I then realized that this light was moving. I have seen planes at night and I could tell that this orb of light was not a plane. I thought telepathically “Is that you?” and as soon as I had thought that the craft blinked out. It then reappeared further down the night sky. As I was watching it, it then separated into two separate orbs and remained motionless for a few moments before both orbs blinked out and completely vanished from view.  I have now decided that I will venture out into the night from now on and keenly observe the night sky. I plan, and hope to achieve, some sort of telepathic contact with these entities when I observe their craft. This will be an experiment on my part for the next few months. I have had correspondence with many other “experiencers” on my friends list and noticed that they to, have become frustrated in their efforts to communicate with their abductors. I hope when I blog again of my experiences I will have had some luck in my communication experiment. Wish me luck and keep watching the skies my friends.

This photo is not my own, but it closely resembles the two orb craft I saw when they split in two:


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