Experiences: Part 4

Experiences: Part 4

As some of you may know from my previous blog entry, as a child I suffered horrible allergies and nose bleeds that would last long periods of time. Well, a couple of  years ago I had sinus surgery to remove benign polyps and to try to correct a slightly deviated septum. The surgery was a success to a certain degree and I had long since forgotten about it until just today. I’m preparing to move to a new place this weekend and I was going through my files and deciding what I needed to bring with me, and what to discard etc. As I was going through my medical file I came upon the release form for my past sinus surgery. I was stunned by something in the comments section of the form that apparently I had missed. The following is what was written in the comments section of the surgery release form:

“Numerous polyps successfully removed…Note, small hard unknown object also removed. Object seemed embedded within sinus cavity tissue. Object discarded.”

You can imagine my surprise at these comments. Could this have been an implant? Why was it so embedded within the tissue of my sinus cavity? What was it doing there? I may never know the answers to these questions, and now that it was discarded, I have no way to have any type of scientific analysis done on it. Because of my past experiences it would seem that it most probably could have been an implant.

The next thing I wanted to document within this blog entry was a sighting I had just a few nights ago. I was outside on the patio around 8:30pm. It was dark, the night was clear, and the stars were highly visible. All of a sudden, and seemingly out of nowhere, I observed an orange tinted orb to the right of the sky. What struck me as highly unusual was it’s flight path and it’s extraordinary speed. Again, it appreared in the sky out of nowhere. As in it was just there. It moved downward then abrubtly took a sharp angled right turn. It then continued straight, and then again it turned a sharp angled right turn. Now these turns were not curved in any way. I’m saying it went to a complete stop and then turned completely in an “L” pattern. No human being could withstand a turn like that. Which brings me to it’s speed. The whole sighting lasted only a second. The speed of the object I could only guess at going thousands of miles per hour. This sighting could not be explained by a shooting star, meteor, etc. They just don’t travel that way. I observed it come from nowhere travel downward, make two right “L” angled turns and then vanish. No abduction related experience was encountered to my knowledge. Either then or later that night. It seems that from time to time they let me know that they are around, and keeping an eye on me.
I just wanted to document these experiences in this blog entry. I hope you find them as fascinating as I do.

This was the craft I saw and its flight pattern:

These are photo’s of other marks I have had following different abductions. The first, is a triangle scar I received after a daytime abduction when I was 12 years old, on my left forearm. I lightly outlined it, as it has slightly faded over time. The second is some type of scoop or circular incision mark on my right thumb:


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  1. Alessandra FADDA Says:

    The nose bleed… Since I was 5 and still almost daily.

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