Experiences: Part 3

Experiences: Part 3

I was reading in bed. It was 9:32pm when I noticed a bright light flash through my bedroom window. I got up and looked through the blinds to see what it was. There I saw some type of craft just going behind the trees and then moving to the left until it was out of my field of vision. It seemed to be VERY low, perhaps 50ft at most off the ground. It made no noise whatsoever. I listened carefully because I wanted to see if it was a helicopter. It had a yellow light at one end and a red light near its rear end. In the middle towards the top was a pulsing red light. It moved slowly. My initial response was that it was weird but might be explainable. I waited to see if it would make another pass like a police helicopter might, but it didn’t. I went back to bed and read. At 10:03pm I felt I should look outside again and there it was to my left, dodging in and out of the trees and then it was gone. I went to bed and around 3:00am I had the strangest feeling some sort of reality shift occurred. It seemed like I understood what was happening and then my waking consciousness took over and I had absolutely no idea why I was thinking that. What reality shift? Why was I thinking that? It made so much sense a minute ago and now I can’t figure out why I thought that. I still can’t put my finger on it but at some point in my consciousness it made complete sense. It was like I was aware of two realities at once. I’ve heard noises in the hallway outside my bedroom, like something that wasn’t very heavy was walking down it. I’ve sensed a presence in my room only to go right back to sleep. I’m hoping to have hypnosis sometime in the future and get to the bottom of my experiences.

This is the craft I saw outside my bedroom window:


2 Responses to “Experiences: Part 3”

  1. I understand what you are explaining,time shifting,the air even…A few nights ago my good friend lives across the street,i was looking out the window across to her window,there was a orange Orb sitting on her window on the second floor..As if it was just sitting watching me.
    It stayed for a long time then at 3 it was gone.
    Last night i was praying for my daughter to be healed,she has major allergies..I was praying for a light being to heal her,i kept on hearing footsteps going up and down my stairs,on the wooden floor..man it was weird but when i went to get up NO ONE WAS THERE.
    Even this doesnt have anything to do with your experience,i wanted to share this with you.
    I believe that time is not even real…Are we alive,or dead..WHo knows maybe it’s just a big show and your the viewer…

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