Experiences: Part 2

Experiences: Part 2
It occured to me after writing my experiences part 1 blog entry that perhaps there were some anomalous experiences in my life that I was leaving out. Perhaps I felt that they weren’t as important as the experiences in part 1 were to me, or perhaps I just felt they were to obscure. Regardless, as I probed my memory seeking out other strange occurrences, I found that these other instances were of no less importance then those in part 1, and would hopefully, better paint a picture of what exactly is going on in my life.
To start off, I remembered an experience that happened to me when I was 17 years old. It was around August 1985 when I was still living in Illinois. Midwest summers are excruciatingly hot and humid and this one was no different. I had driven out to my older brothers house outside of town to just hangout and goof around. My brother who is 9 years older than me got married early in life and already had two children at the time. We were and still are very close to each other and he never minded his little brother coming to visit to just play around. I had spent the afternoon with him and my neice and nephew who were very young at the time. He was doing little home improvement things around the house while I followed him around and helped when I could. It was around 3:00pm that afternoon that I figured I’d better head home. I said good-bye to my brother and the kids and headed off. To get home it should have taken me about 15 to 20 minutes tops. Somewhere on the way home I had something come over me. I now felt compelled to not go home as I planned, but instead to drive completely out of my way to the other side of town. There was a state park area out there that myself and my friends would occasionally go out to. If you went back furthur into it there was nothing but woods and it was pretty isolated. This was where I found myself. I remember pulling off the park gravel road and driving down into the wooded area and parking by a tree. I noticed no one was around. I mean at all. The park was completely dead no cars, no people at all which was very unusual. That’s where my memory ends. I woke up later feeling extremely disoriented and sick. I was sitting in the drivers side of the car but I was laying to the right with my head resting on the passenger seat. As if that wasn’t strange enough, I noticed that my jeans and underwear were now pulled down by my feet. (Or weren’t pulled back up) I had no idea why this would be so. My mouth was so incredibly dry I could barely stand it. I pulled up and re buttoned my pants and belt and then looked in the rearview mirror. Besides my hair being totally messed up I noticed blood around my left earlobe. When I was 16 years old I pierced my left ear as was the custom of the time. Guys only pierced their left earlobe as piercing your right meant you were gay. Funny how that’s changed these days, anything goes. Anyway, as I turned my head and looked closer at my ear, I realized that the stud earring I was wearing was in backwards in my ear. I have no idea why it would’ve been put in my ear backwards or how it happened in the first place. I took it out of my ear and tried to wipe some of the blood away which was totally dried on my earlobe. I then started the car and left the park for home. It was incredibly hard to drive and I felt like I was going to vomit at any second. I finally made it home though. I looked at the clock when I came in. I knew something was wrong because it was slightly dark outside. I should’ve been home around 3:20pm the latest but now it was 7:20pm. Somehow four hours had passed since I left my brothers house and I had no idea what happened to that time. I went up to my bedroom and went to sleep not waking until 12:00pm the next day. I believe I was abducted that afternoon, that they had returned me without fully putting on my clothes, and that they had taken out my earring and put it back in backwards. Another strange experience happened in my mid 20’s. I had been reading about out of body experiences and wanted to try it for myself. I had been meditating on a regular basis trying to get to a point where I could eventually get out of my body. I lay down and began to meditate. I decided that I wanted to go to the parking lot of the apartment building I had just moved out of downtown. I felt a buzzing and then all of a sudden there I was in the apartment parking lot. Everything seemed normal just like I was there in person until I looked around. There on the otherside of the parking lot were two figures. Upon closer inspection I saw that they were two little boys but they were dressed like they had come from Asia during the time of the ming dynasty. I felt this was pretty weird. They then spoke and said, “We can take you to other planets with other civilizations and show you all kinds of wonderous things”.  At this point I felt a strong distrust of them. To show them I wasn’t completely weak in this astral environment I decided that I would rise off the ground to the top of the apartment building. As soon as I had levitated to the top of the building both of them did the same. So there we were both floating looking at each other. I realized that they were not going to give up on me to easily. I said, “All I want to do is flying over the tree tops for awhile”. So I started to fly down the street which in it’s median had very tall trees going all the way downtown. As I was flying I could tell that they were right there with me just behind me. All of a sudden I felt them veer off and I was by myself. I continued on my way and noticed that I was now in the desert (what looked like New Mexico) and coming down on a adobe home. As I landed on the side of the adobe I looked in the window as saw a man looking right back at me. He said, “This is what could happen”.  At this point I seemed to be looking at myself getting married. I couldn’t see the face of my bride however. Then all of a sudden I could see a teenage boy. I knew that this was our son. He was showing a few of his friends some chords on the guitar and seemed very happy. Then the man I had seen in the adobe house said, “This is what also could happen”. Then I again saw myself marry but when it came to our son it was just a casket, and I knew that he had died. (Bear in mind that neither of these has come true, and were just possible futures. They were not written in stone. The future can always be changed, and I think having received this information, that I have changed it.) It was at this point that I returned to my body. I realize now that the two boys in asian clothing were “Lower astral entities”. They lie and try to get you so far from your body that you can’t find your way back and most likely die back on earth. I also realize that the man in the adobe house was a spirit guide showing me possibilities of how my life could proceed, and that was my first OBE (out of body experience).

I thought this pic represented the beginning of my out of body experience:


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