Experiences: Part 10

Experiences: Part 10

I have long understood, out-of-body travel, remote viewing, etc. During meditation, the electrons in the brain become ambiguous and are no longer in any one place. This allows for the mind to be in two places at the same time. I believe this “knowing” without learning, is a direct result of my experiences with “them”, the grays. As well as my own ability to merge with the super-consciousness of the soul during meditation. In science, this is known as, the physics of superposition. Below, is a brief definition of the law of superposition, which is based in quantum mechanics. I thought this might be of interest, to many of you who are beginning to experiment with these altered states. The human race is evolving on a consciousness level, and you don’t need to be an abductee like me, for it to occur. Slowly but surely this is happening, one mind at a time!!!

Definition of the Law of Superposition in Physics:

“Superposition is where and object can be in two or more states, places, or realities, at the same time”.

I have also had this “KNOWING” in my younger years, understanding energies and vibrations. I could not explain why I understood these things. It wasn’t until much later that I realized, others also had this, and science supported it.

I thought this pic represented to me, the sort of awakening consciousness I am currently experiencing, and the human race’s journey into this amazing evolutionary leap:


3 Responses to “Experiences: Part 10”

  1. Alessandra FADDA Says:

    Is it possible that you are an abductee Because of your innate abilities?

    • Yes, it is quite possible. I also think they have pushed these abilities along.

      • Alessandra Says:

        True… I have noticed this week following the abductions I have had lots more spiritual messages and visits, which I am starting to see even without looking through my third eye… As a fact I haven’t slept in these past 9 days!!!

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