Experiences: Part 1

Experiences: Part 1

I’ve had interesting experiences all my life for instance; I’ve had a conscious memory of being in the womb for as long as I can remember. I believe it was when my consciousness (soul) entered into my current body before my mother gave birth to me. I remember recognizing that I was now in this reality (of the womb), that I was content, and that everything was ok. This memory has stayed with me my whole life, somehow bypassing the amnesia that all of us encounter after we’re born. The beginning of my experiences was when I was 5 years old. I was in the top bunk bed and my brother was in the lower bunk bed. I had not gone to sleep and was just lying on my back with the covers pulled up. After only a few minutes or so I felt a hand or something pressed against my neck. I remember it vividly because it was slightly hard to breathe. I remember saying “you can’t do that” and hearing a voice laughing almost sinisterly to my 5 year old mind. Kind of like “Yes I can”. I remember being paralyzed with fear. I thought about lifting my arms out from under the covers to defend myself but thought that if “I touched this thing it might have scales on it”. This frightened me even more. I believe that whatever this creature was, was saying things to me, although I can’t remember what he said. My next conscious memory was of opening my eyes and it was daytime out, and my brother was already gone to school. It seemed like no time had passed yet the whole night was gone and it was morning. It left such a profound impact on me that I told myself then that I would never forget the incident. I asked my brother later if he had held me by the throat last night (Even though I knew he hadn’t), and he looked at me like I was crazy and said “of course not”. After this incident I had the recurring image of what I call “The Witch”, and everytime this image came to mind I started to feel ill and very nauseous. The facial features were kind of vague but I did remember the big black eyes and the stringy black hair. I saw a sketch an abductee had drawn of an adult hybrid she had encountered and this being was almost exactly what I remember the witch looking like. I had the feeling I wasn’t suppose to remember this being, and perhaps that is why I felt ill when recalling it’s image. I also had severe nose-bleeds as a child. I mean for like hours at a time without stopping. My next experience was at an aunt’s house when I was around 6. She had given me a stuffed animal to sleep with. The next morning my bed-covers were all off and the stuffed animal was way out in the hallway. My bed shirt seemed on backwards. I remembered thinking that maybe I had slept-walked. It was just a feeling that something happened that night. Shortly there-after my sister was ill and had a fever. I remember here saying that the night before she had seen 3 figures at the foot of her bed and when they saw that she noticed them they disappeared right through the dresser and into the wall. My room was through that other wall incidently. My Mom had said that she had hallucinated this due to her fever. My next “major” experience was when I was 10. My father, mother and I were bringing back my sister from college and we were on an old country road. While looking out the window I saw a hexagon shaped craft about 30 to 50 feet long and about 20 to 30 feet high moving very, very slowly through a farmer’s field. It had a large panel of lights on its front that would flash lights in different variations, i.e. red, yellow, blue, then green, orange, purple etc. I then had a thought enter my mind that I knew was not from me. The first telepathic thought was “we’re being observed”, at this point I felt I should tell someone in the car from which the next thought came telepathically “don’t tell them they wouldn’t believe you anyway”. This craft was no more that perhaps a football field away from the car. There was no mistake in observation that this was no airplane etc. I then looked up and saw a triangle shaped craft which I believed to be in orbit because it was reflecting the sun off of it. I don’t know if there was any missing time associated with this but my next conscious thought was of looking at my sister and then back to where the crafts were but they were both gone. Shortly thereafter, less then a year or so, while going on vacation with my parents I was looking out the car window at passing trees. All of a sudden I had what I call a “reality shock”. It was like a second before I was just a kid thinking kid thoughts and then I was thinking about the nature of reality, why I was here, why things were as they were, etc. It was a very profound experience. I remember asking my brother at age 12, “Do you think some people aren’t meant to be here?” (on earth), referring to myself. I then was totally absorbed in spiritual issues. I was investigating religions all over the world for instance. Later in life, through meditation, I had an out-of-body experience. I started to become very depressed and despondent as well. I started having severe panic-attacks at age 14, where I would have to go to the emergency room. I suffered with the panic-attacks, depression, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for many years. It’s interesting as I am neither a post war veteran or a rape victim, yet I was diagnosed with PTSD. Later I was to find many people experiencing the abduction phenomenon also received a similar diagnosis at some point in their lives. As a teenager I had another “major” experience. I had come home on evening after being out with friends and went to bed. I awoke and looked at the digital clock which said 4:30am. Sometimes I would go get a glass of water in the night but I wasn’t really thirsty I just felt “compelled” to get up. I was living in my parent’s attic. As I was walking down the hall I felt my grandmother’s spirit come through me. Now as far as I was concerned she was alive and in her nursing home at the time, but I knew right then it was her and that she had passed away. She was trying to tell me a million things at once which I couldn’t seem to comprehend. I got the impression that in this dimension after physical death that they “vibrate” faster then we do in the 3rd dimension. My mind felt overwhelmed with the amount of information she was trying to tell me but I couldn’t absorb it. I did get one thing she said “don’t fear death”. I also felt an ecstatic joy she was feeling being out of her old body. (She was 93) I then felt her pass through me and she was gone. It was amazing because I now know there is life after death. I don’t think many people can say that as if it were fact. My only recent experience was just this year when I got out of bed at 4:00am. I felt such a rush of consciousness, of “knowing” that I can’t explain. It’s like I understand the relationship of energy within dimensions and that it is a very natural thing not to be feared. {Physical death for instance, or altered states of reality, consciousness of the soul.}

This sketch is of the 3 beings at the foot of my sisters bed:

This is the hybrid I remembered as the witch:

This is the triangle craft I saw in orbit, reflecting the sun:

This was the hexagon shaped craft I saw, moving slowly over the farmhouse:


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